NanoWax 100ml

Rp 271.015

Nanolex NanoWax is a water-based sealant that simultaneously cleanses, rejuvenates and protects automotive paint. Developed and manufactured in Germany, Nanolex NanoWax is a creamy compound based on nano-scaled abrasives and wax. NanoWax refreshes weathered paint finishes and removes micro scratches - in addition to this a ultra thin wax-hybrid coating layer that bonds to painted surfaces is applied. All this happens in one step. 

As a result treated surfaces are much more reflective, very hydrophobic and therefore easy to clean. Washing is much easier and less time consuming, the overall effort to maintain a flawless finish is heavily reduced by using Nanolex NanoWax.
The sophisticated chemical composition of NanoWax gives it a much better durability as compared to pure organic waxes.

A layer of NanoWax repels water, oil and dirt, has antistatic characteristics and protects against chemical and biological damage.


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