FP-40880 Professional Applicator Waffle Pads (Set of 2)

Rp 129.387

The Professional Applicator Waffle Pads are specially designed to increase effectiveness of compound and wax application. One pack contains 1 x Compound Waffle Pad (WHITE) and 1 x Wax Waffle Pad (BLACK) 

The Pads Waffle design:

  • Reduces effort and application time.
  • Provides a even finish.
  • Minimises compound wastage, giving you a professional finish faster.

The pads are also sliced, making them easier to grip and protecting the surface from finger marks.

Using the Compound Waffle Pad:

  • Lightly dampen the Waffle surface
  • Apply with a simple back and forth motion
  • Use an even pressure and change direction regularly for even finish.
  • After application remove residue and buff with a soft dry cloth.

Using the Wax Waffle Pad:

  • Apply wax with a circular motion.
  • Use an even pressure, overlapping the circles for an even finish.
  • Allow to haze up before buffing with a soft dry cloth.

After use wash the waffle pads with warm water and store in a sealed plastic bag.

Note: There may be a slight variation in height between the 2 applicators. 



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