Rp 378.000
  • Size (Inc Handle): 65cm
  • Duster Size: 35cm
  • Duster Strands: 10cm
  • Wooden Handle


Super-sized duster with long wooden handle to remove dust from any size surface.

With paraffin-wax coated strands, dust is instantly captured rather then moved around like other dusters. As dust is captured it creates a static charge capturing more dust with the lightest of touches, avoiding all marks and scratches.

With hanging loop and protective case to store without fear of contamination.


This duster is treated with a special paraffin wax coating designed to attract and lift dust rather then just moving it about like other dusters. To retain the coating during storage, there may be some excess wax which may transfer to the work surface. Before first use we recommend the following procedure:

  • Stand or wrap the mop in newspaper for 24-48 hours to remove the excess paraffin from the cotton strands.

  • Even after standing the duster may leave minor streaks from excess wax on the first few uses. This will not harm your vehicle’s finish, and can be easily wiped off with a towel.

  • After 2 or 3 uses the duster will trap dust in the cotton, providing optimal results.


  • Before and after use shake the duster vigorously to remove any loose dust.

  • Work from the top down using a gentle light touch. Do not apply any pressure onto the surface.

  • Work with a sweep-and-lift movement; the cotton strands will capture and lift dust away with minimal force.

  • Use only on cool dry surfaces.

  • Do not use the duster on extremely dirty areas or areas like wheels that may feature break dust or other metallic contaminants that may scratch the finish if trapped in the wool. 


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